Field Trips

Friends of Ballard Park welcomes all schools and grade levels to participate in its field trips. Teachers may choose from a variety of themes (examples of which are shown below) to explore Ballard Park. Our staff can also customize any of the topics below to fit a specific age level or create a customized program to meet your needs.


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regarding field trip availability.

Please provide the following information:
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Name of School
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Group size
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School Year Field Trips
$5.00 per student
with a $75 minimum.
Teachers and chaperones
are free of charge.

Special price for
Newport Public
School Students:

$4 per student.

Summer Trips
$5 to $10 per student
with a $75 minimum.
Teachers and chaperones
are free of charge.

After School Field Trips
$5 per student
with a $50 minimum.
Teachers and chaperones
are free of charge.

Students will discover how animals thrive and survive while hiking through Ballard Park’s trails. Natural habitats are easy to explore in the different ecosystems where students will use their senses to observe and investigate.All About Rocks-
Students will sort and sift through Ballard Park’s rock samples in this field trip, discovering the differences between rocks and minerals. Up-close investigation of the three acre quarry reveals evidence of its prior industrious use.

Bugs of Ballard Park
Using our special bug catching tools students will collect and observe countless types of insects in their natural habitats. This field trip emphasizes hands on learning, predicting and investigating.

Plant Life
Classes hike through the trails of Ballard Park with the goal of identifying plant species by their unique characteristics and discovering their importance in ecosystems. The group will observe the succession of new, old and decaying plant life through group activities.

EcoScouting at Ballard Park
With our specially designed EcoScouting ‘mission’ students will investigate Ballard Park’s different ecosystems, using scientific tools to engage them in the process. Student teams will record the living and nonliving factors within each ecosystem.

Students will gain hands-on ‘geologist’ experience while they work to identify all three rock types throughout Ballard Park. Sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic rocks are examined and their mineral contents, geologic history and modern uses are discovered.